What We Do

Alphyn Biologics is a clinical-stage dermatology company developing first-in-class Multi-Target Therapeutics® (MTT) for severe and prevalent skin diseases based on our AB-101 Platform. We are dedicated to improving the lives of millions of patients worldwide with Multi-Target Therapeutics that are expected to be safe, powerful, and more effectively attack disease.


Our AB-101 Platform grew out of work by Chief Scientific Officer Gary Pekoe, Ph.D., as the team lead for developing and obtaining regulatory approval of Bactroban®, generic mupirocin, a widely used antibiotic for skin infections, including infections from the highly drug-resistant MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) bacteria. Gary’s passion for finding better ways to treat skin diseases ultimately led to the formation of Alphyn, and the development of our novel Multi-Target Therapeutic AB-101 Platform containing multiple bioactive compounds to attack a disease in many ways and to attack multiple different diseases.


Alphyn became operational with the closing of its first round of funding in March 2020. The company is based in Annapolis, Maryland and Cincinnati, Ohio. Alphyn also has a wholly owned Australian subsidiary, and maintains a European presence in Vienna, Austria.


Alphyn is led by a world-class team with extensive experience in life sciences companies, from start-ups to large pharma.

Neal Koller, CEO

Neal Koller

A founder of Alphyn, Neal has served as the company’s CEO and Chairman of the Board since the company started in November 2019. He has been President & CEO, and Director for six life science businesses, guiding them to milestone achievement or exit. Before Alphyn, Neal was President & CEO and board member of Perthera, Inc., preceded by the same positions at PluroGen Therapeutics, Inc. Neal established Plurogen’s manufacturing, research and development, and operations facility and launched products into U.S. & international markets, exiting to a multi-national. Additionally, Neal held positions as President of PDA, CEO of Sound Diagnostics Inc., President & CEO of Dovetail Technologies Inc., and President of WellCare International Corp. He began his career at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, where he achieved notable successes in both large division and early stage business roles. He has a B.S. in biology from the University of Richmond.

Steven Pentelnik, President

Steven Pentelnik

An Alphyn founder, Steven has more than 30 years of experience at Procter & Gamble (P&G), where he was responsible for its $1 billion early-stage technology portfolio and was a global manager of its $750 million Beauty Care Products business. Following P&G, Steven held executive responsibility for developing three start-up companies in medical devices and life sciences, leveraging his expertise in proprietary technology, business plans, and go-to-market strategies, including identifying exit opportunities. Steven has a highly successful track record of bringing new products to market. He holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from Wayne State University.

Gary Pekoe, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer

Gary Pekoe

A founder of Alphyn, Gary serves as Chief Scientific Officer. Gary is a thought leader in infectious diseases, skin diseases, and cancer and has spent more than 30 years helping to develop cutting-edge biotechnologies. A senior strategic regulatory and clinical development professional, Gary has worked in big pharma and small biotech, taking products through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in both environments. He led the team that developed and obtained FDA approval of Bactroban® (generic mupirocin), the topical drug of choice for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) skin infections. Gary has directed multiple pharma and biotech product development programs and founded a strategic regulatory and clinical trial company focused on early-stage innovations. Gary received his MS and Ph.D. in neuro- and immunopharmacology from West Virginia University.

Jazmyne Mink, Manager, Regulatory Affairs

Jazmyne Mink

An Alphyn founder, Jazmyne serves as the company’s Regulatory Affairs Manager, coordinating regulatory activities and submissions associated with the company’s drug product candidates. Working with senior leadership, she drives short- and long-term regulatory strategy and ensures compliance with applicable regulatory guidelines. Jazmyne also manages internal quality assurance initiatives across departments. Prior to her role as manager of regulatory affairs, Jazmyne worked as a scientific researcher at Alphyn, organizing research and data for the company’s pre-clinical programs.

Board of Directors

Neal Koller, Chairman

Please see bio under leadership.

Gary Pekoe, Ph.D., Board Member

Please see bio under leadership.

Roger Griggs, Board Member

Roger is a serial healthcare entrepreneur. He has founded numerous pharmaceutical companies, including Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals Inc., PediaMed Pharmaceuticals Inc., Integrity Pharmaceutical Corp., and the Drug Enhancement Company of America LLC. Roger also founded Richwood Pharmaceuticals Inc., where he served as President and CEO until it was acquired by Shire Pharmaceuticals Group PLC to form Shire Richwood Inc. Roger is currently Chairman of the Board of Medella Springs Healthcare, which is focused on bringing natural healthcare products into mainstream medicine. Roger holds a B.S. in secondary education from Indiana State University and an M.S. from Indiana University at South Bend.

Jeff Kossak, Board Member

Jeff is president of Jolen Inc., a health and beauty company, which does business in more than thirty countries globally. He serves as the Managing Partner for Pennsylvania Renewable Resources Associates, which produces renewable electric energy in Pennsylvania, and for Kossak Oil & Gas, LP, which explores for, and produces oil and gas, primarily in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Jeff has developed a number of renewable electric energy projects and has been the lead investor in several Gulf Coast independent oil & gas exploration companies. He is a member (inactive) of the New York State Bar Association.

Adel Mikhail, Ph.D., Board Member

Adel is a life sciences industry veteran with extensive experience as a scientist and entrepreneur. He founded and served as CEO of Phylogeny, later Folio Biosciences, culminating in a successful exit with the acquisition by WaterStreet Healthcare Partners. Adel also founded and was CEO of several additional companies, including Progenitor, Inc., Rescentris, Ltd., Midwest Biorepository, Gnome Diagnostics, LLC, and Miracle Therapeutics, a gene therapy company with the NIH.

Shekhar Mitra, Ph.D., Board Observer

Shekhar spent 29 years as a scientist and senior executive at Procter & Gamble (P&G) rising to Senior Vice President, Global Innovation, and Member of P&G’s Global Leadership Council. At P&G he led the creation and development of numerous well-known health, wellness, and personal care products including Crest Whitestrips, Crest ProHealth, Aleve Analgesic, Prilosec, Olay Regenerist/ProX Skin Care, SK II, Hugo Boss and Gucci Fragrances, Gillette and Old Spice Clinical Strength and Metamucil (cholesterol lowering), prescription with H pylori gastritis treatment. Shehkar oversaw P&G’s global innovation strategy and growth, overseeing start-up of Asian, African, and South American development hubs. Post-retirement, Shekhar has been a board member and strategic adviser to several Fortune 500 companies, as well as co-founder and President of the Board of Trustees of the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers. In 2010, Shekhar was awarded the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor. He is listed in the U.S. Congressional Record for his contributions to touching and improving lives through his impact on consumer meaningful innovations and community service.