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Alphyn is advancing therapy for skin diseases with its patent pending AB-101 technology platform. Alphyn solves 2 of the largest medical challenges to mankind - Infectious Skin Diseases including MRSA Drug Resistant Skin Infections, and Skin Cancer.


Leading the Way in Multi-targeted Therapeutics



Alphyn is the leader in Multi-targeted Therapeutics as a result of our patent pending AB-101 technology platform.  AB-101 is plant-derived and has over 270 compounds to target and fight diseases. The result is improved effectiveness and reduced chance of resistance for our products because they have multiple ways to fight and cure diseases.  Our unique combination of plant-derived and Multi-targeted Therapeutics results in significant advantages in reduced time and cost to obtain regulatory approvals. 

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Alphyn is using its AB-101 platform to apply its therapy-leading Multi-targeted Therapeutics strategy for its first two novel patent-applied topical treatments: one for acute bacterial skin infections, specifically MRSA Drug Resistant Infections, and 1 for Basal Cell Skin Cancer.

MRSA Drug Resistant Skin Infection Product

 A new prescription-strength topical antibiotic drug for MRSA has not been  approved since 1987. Current therapies, which are topical, oral and intravenous, are experiencing serious drug resistance problems . Alphyn’s new topical product provides a needed, important new first-line weapon to fight bacterial skin infections including those caused by MRSA.

Basal Cell Skin Cancer Product

Current first-line skin cancer therapies, which can be grouped into topical drugs, surgery and skin destruction technologies, all cause some degree of pain, scarring and disfigurement. Alphyn’s new topical product provides effective treatment and is gentle, which means it works without the problems of the current first-line treatments.

In the Future

Using the over 270 compounds of our AB-101 Technology Platform to apply our therapy-leading Multi-targeted Therapeutics strategy, Alphyn has an extensive new product pipeline that is targeting skin diseases that currently have poor treatment options.


Neal Koller, Chairman & CEO


Neal has been President & CEO and a Director for six life science businesses guiding them to milestone achievement or exit. He began his career at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals where he achieved notable successes in both large division and early stage business responsibilities. Neal has over 30 years as a top executive with a successful history of building, running and growing entrepreneurial and complex global companies.

Steven Pentelnik, President


Steven has over 30 years of experience at Procter & Gamble. At P&G, he was responsible for its $1 billion early-stage technology portfolio and was a global manager of $750 million Beauty Care Products. Post P&G, he held executive responsibility for developing 3 start-up companies and their business exits in the medical device and life sciences areas. Steven has a highly successful track-record in bringing new products to market.

Gary Pekoe, PhD, CSO


Gary is the Chief Scientific Officer with a PhD in pharmacology. He is a thought leader in infectious diseases and cancer. He spearheaded the approval of Bactroban® (mupirocin), the first and only topical antibiotic drug approved to treat MRSA drug resistant skin infections. Gary has directed multiple pharma/biotech product development programs and founded a strategic regulatory and clinical company focused on early stage innovations. Gary has over 30 years helping develop cutting edge biotechnologies.

Jazmyne Mink, Scientific Researcher


Jazmyne is a dynamic scientific researcher who has developed a broad understanding of the mechanisms of plant-derived compounds in the treatment of serious skin diseases.

SCIENTIFIC Advisory Board

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June 13, 2019 Fairfax, VA



Alphyn selected to present at the Big Idea CONNECTpreneur Conference, Mid-Atlantic Region.

Chairman & CEO Neal Koller presenting

June 6, 2019 Philadelphia PA


 Alphyn selected to present at BIO International 2019

May 5, 2019 Columbia, MD



Alphyn selected to present at CONNECTpreneur Conference Baltimore/Washington DC region

Chairman & CEO Neal Koller presenting

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