ALPHYN BIOLOGICS is developing breakthrough therapies to treat the world’s most challenging, severe, and common skin diseases. We are dedicated to improving the lives of millions of patients worldwide with first-in-class, Multi-Target Therapeutics® (MTT) that are expected to be safe, powerful, and more effectively attack disease.

Powered by the AB-101 Platform for Multi-Target Therapeutics

Alphyn’s AB-101 Platform contains multiple bioactive compounds to power a new class of therapeutics capable of attacking disease in numerous ways. This unique approach and platform produce Multi-Target Therapeutics that target multiple diseases as well as multiple symptoms and causes of individual diseases.

Striving for the
First Complete
Atopic Dermatitis

AB-101a is in development to uniquely solve the critical challenges associated with treating mild-to-moderate atopic dermatitis (AD), the most common form of eczema. Developed with our proprietary, multi-target AB-101 Platform, AB-101a is a steroid-free topical with the potential to offer the first complete therapeutic for AD, treating both the immune system and bacterial components of the disease. A Phase 2a clinical trial evaluating AB-101a in adults and children, starting at age 2, is underway. The first cohort has been completed, meeting all primary and secondary endpoints. The second cohort is evaluating patients with AD with secondary infection and the control of AD flares through the bacterial microbiome on AD skin. This cohort has completed enrollment.

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