Alphyn Biologics and AB-101

Alphyn is using its patent pending AB-101 platform biomaterial to target the most difficult, severe and prevalent skin diseases facing humankind.  AB-101’s first target disease is Atopic Dermatitis (or AD, also known as Eczema).  AD is difficult to treat, can be very severe for many people and affects millions of people worldwide.  A solution for AD is clearly needed.

A Phase 2a clinical trial of AB-101a for mild to moderate AD in infected and non-infected patients is currently underway across multiple sites. The randomized, vehicle-controlled, and double-blind trial is enrolling adult and pediatric patients ages 2 and up and is expected to be complete in the first half of 2023.

Topical AB-101a is expected to be the first to treat all of problems associated with AD, namely AD’s immune response problems of inflammation, itch and damaged skin, and, bacterial problems including infection and problems caused by MRSA drug resistant bacteria.  Today’s individual AD treatments do not target all the AD problems which results in current AD therapy requiring multiple products.  AB-101a, based on its test results and mechanisms of action, is directly targeted to be the first complete solution for the millions afflicted with AD.

The AB-101 platform has a deep new product pipeline targeting diseases with no or suboptimal treatments.  AB-101 is a new class of drug Alphyn calls Multi-Target Therapeutics™ due to AB-101 uniquely containing multiple bioactives.  Multi-Target Therapeutics is expected to provide AB-101 products with advantages in product efficacy and lower cost, faster FDA marketing authorization.