AB-101 Multi-Target Therapeutics™

A key advantage of the patent-pending AB-101 Platform Biomaterial is it is composed of multiple bioactive compounds, the result of AB-101 plant-derived sourcing.  AB-101’s multiple bioactives are the reason Alphyn’s designates AB-101 as a new class of drugs it calls Multi-Target Therapeutics™.

Multi-Target Therapeutics™, as a result of AB-101’s multiple bioactive compounds, has important advantages:

  • Each AB-101 product has multiple compounds, and therefore multiple ways or mechanisms, to attack each disease – to be more effective
  • A rich new product pipeline with multiple AB-101 based products for multiple diseases
  • A faster, lower cost path to FDA marketing authorization

Mechanisms of Action

AB-101’s multiple bioactives are reported to have the mechanisms of action listed in the following table.  These mechanisms of action give way to Multi-Target Therapeutics and important advantages:

Alphyn is leading the way to more powerful and effective therapies through AB-101’s Multi-target Therapeutics.

AB-101 FDA Marketing Authorization Advantages

AB-101’s raw material being plant derived provides multiple advantages in time and cost to reach FDA marketing authorization.

Confirmed by FDA, Alphyn’s AD product has:

  • Abbreviated pre-clinical testing requirements
  • Abbreviated animal testing requirements
  • Safety data sufficient to forego Phase 1 human clinical trial and move directly to Phase 2 human clinical trial
  • FDA agreed AB-101 acceptance test methods and specifications (a portion of the information generally known as “CMC”) are already established which is anticipated to allow fast and inexpensive progression to Phase 2 human clinical trial

This reduced testing requirement is anticipated to apply to all AB-101 topical drug products.

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